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 AMC Racing | AMC Wings

We started AMC with go-kart racing parts.  Then when we purchased a 1959 Cessna 172 straight tail; we added the aircraft replacement parts for older Cessna's.   

We have a PMA for fuel selector placards for a variety of aircraft.  

We also have a brake bleeder that works on most high-wing aircraft with Cleveland or Metco wheel brakes. 

The decals we have are for the flap handles and "Both Tanks On' placard. 

We also have a Contral Lock / Gusset Lock with a 20" bar and 3/4" clamps or 24" bar with 1-1/4" clamps. 

We are working at this time - if there is a particular item you are looking for - please send us an email (

We hope to have the items on-line shortly- 




AMC has been in business since 1991. We have developed parts for different areas from go-karts to aircraft. 



We have fuel selector products, Brake Bleeders and wheel chocks. 

ADDRESS | 16419 51st Ave NE
                Arlington, WA 98223

TELEPHONE | 360-659-9679

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           FAX | 360-659-9944

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